Reddit Keyword Research

Reddit Keyword Research – An Online Entrepreneur’s Guide

Are you an online entrepreneur looking for new blog post ideas?

Are you looking for an uncommon method of SEO keyword research for your content marketing?

If your answer is yes, then this Reddit keyword research guide for online entrepreneurs would definitely interest you!

Read on and I would show you how to uncover untapped keywords using Reddit in the following step-by-step guide.


What is Reddit?

I am not going deep to tell you what is Reddit because there are tons of information in the internet talking about it.

If you really don’t know about Reddit, a good place to start is go to Wikipedia and there is a YouTube video titled What is Reddit below.

The other useful resource would be from Reddit itself. You could possibly know almost everything about Reddit from their FAQ here.

Reddit's help desk gives a very good explanation below.

What is Reddit?

Reddit help desk answers "What is Reddit?"

Reddit Keyword Research

Why we should not ignore Reddit as a potential keywords source?

Before we dive in, let’s look at some of the statistics about Reddit.

From Wikipedia

“As of 2016, Reddit had 542 million monthly visitors (234 million unique users), ranking #11 most visited web-site in US and #25 in the world. Across 2015, Reddit saw 82.54 billion pageviews, 73.15 million submissions, 725.85 million comments, and 6.89 billion upvotes from its users.”

According to latest rankings from Alexa, Reddit ranked 24th globally and 7th in US.

Popularity of according to Alexa

Popularity of according to Alexa

So it is a very popular site with real people participating in commenting and posting on virtually everything on Earth!

So if you are a blogger or entrepreneur (whether online or offline), this is one place where you could mine very valuable keywords (or blog post ideas/topics) for your next content marketing.

And the beauty is these keywords would not show up in the usual way when you search using Google Keyword Planner.

Due to its limitations of Google Keyword Planner, some keywords are hidden from normal search UNLESS you type in the keywords exactly.

Rationale of using Reddit as an unusual method for keyword research

The logic of using Reddit for seo keyword research is rather simple:

  • These are areas of interest where people submit, post and comment
  • There are huge communities of people in Reddit (called subreddits).
  • ​​The same people would be interested to know what is happening in their areas of interest (i.e. subreddit)
  • ​​Our main objective is to intelligently find out what are the “interests”
  • Then convert those interests into your next online content (blog post)!

So are you ready to go deep to dig into how to uncover untapped keywords using some very simple step-by-step strategies?

Step #1 Zero In A Broad Niche

If you haven’t got any clue of what to write or you just want to explore in Reddit, use this tool (MetaReddit) to find out what kind of communities are inside Reddit.

search using

Use to search a broad niche

This is really a mini search engine for the purpose of searching subreddits in Reddit. You could search what subreddits are inside Reddit using normal search.

Also there is a “tags” search function where you could search subreddits that share a common topic. The "stalk" function let you see which Reddit subscriber (called redditor) is active and his recent activity.

Alternatively you could go to to find some popular subreddits.

Over there you could see how different subreddits are ranking in terms of recent activity, number of subscribers and growth (past 24 hrs).​

search using Redditlist

Use to search a broad niche

Before you proceed, I assume you have already registered as a subscriber in Reddit.

If you haven't, just go over to Reddit and register.

Step #2 Identify Suitable Subreddit

​After you have explored what kinds of subreddit are available in Step #1, it is time to head over to Reddit's built-in subreddit search function.

This to identify a suitable subreddit for further research.

Remember subreddit is a community for a specific topic. So our job is to find a suitable subreddit to target:

Below are the criteria to bear in mind while doing this:

  • Identify a subreddit where your target audience hang around
  • Browse through quickly the discussion threads
  • Look for user comments and posts related to your topic of interest
  • Extract potential keywords from these threads
  • Then convert those interests into your next online content (blog post)
  • Keep an eye on those keywords that provide a solution to the problems posted by subscribers


Make sure the subreddit you target has at least a few thousand subscribers so that there are enough information to extract the keywords.

For our example below, I have typed in “entrepreneurship” in top search box.

Next you should type in a suggested subreddit name into the second search box to find out what subreddits are available.

Searching for "entrepreneurship" subreddits in Reddit

Searching for subreddit in Reddit

In our case, we type in the subreddit name “entrepreneur” and that brings out all subreddits with “entrepreneur” in their names.

Here is what we get.

"entrepreneur" keyword in subreddits

Subreddits with keyword "entrepreneur"

Note that the first subreddit (/r/Entrepreneur) has more than 224,000 subscribers. And should be a good place to find some good topics.

Of course some subreddits will have much less number of subscribers and usually there will be less discussion threads.

Step #3 Research Content Ideas From Discussion Threads

As a start we can sort the posts in the subreddit by using the buttons at the top: “hot”, “new”, “top” or “gilded”.

My favorite is to use “top” to sort and filter it through time period “past year” because normally there will be large number of posts in “top” posts and we do not want posts that are too old that are over 12 months..

Of course you could use different time period other than “past year” like “all time”, “past hour”, “past month”, “past week” or even “past 24 hours”. There is no right or wrong in this aspect.

This is the gold mine where you could use relevant subreddits to find

  • Unanswered questions (post with question marks)
  • Answers to questions asked
  • Popular topics where there are many back and forth commenting, posts, etc.

Examples of interesting content ideas that I extracted from the subreddit /r/Entrepreneur is shown below.

discussion threads from "entrepreneur" subreddit

"Entrepreneu" subdreddit displaying various discussion threads

The next step is click and expand the post to see all the comments and details in order to search some very good topics for your niche.


Use the following search operators to search within the subreddit in order to mine more contents ideas

  • how
  • how to
  • why
  • buy
  • buying
  • review
  • advice
  • guide
  • case study

For example we have used “how to to refine the search in the subreddit /r/photography.

Immediately there are a few “how to” content ideas/blog topics that we could use. Two are listed below.

How to make amazing portraits with minimal affordable gear

How to increase the performance of your Canon Kit lens.

Search "how to" in /r/photography subreddit

Search "how to" in /r/photography subreddit

Step #4 Finding Keyword Opportunities

The next step is to extract some potential keywords from the discussion threads in the subreddit you have identified.

There are two ways of extracting the keywords from the discussion threads.

4.1 Manual browsing

This method takes longer time but it is very insightful.

You will need to go through the discussion threads to read the comments, questions and answers to hunt for those keywords.

This process is slow but you would be able to identify some golden keywords to analyze.

The objective here is go to the right subreddit, identify discussion threads with lots of back and forth commenting, scan them with eyeballing for terms or keyphrases you have not seen in your previous research.

This is hunting for keywords that you know you don’t know about.

4.2 Using

This method is making use of a free keyword tool called and is a time saver

This online tool is rather useful in extracting some keywords (why only some keywords? I would explain later) from the subreddit you have identified.

Let’s see what happened when we put the most popular weight loss subreddit (/r/loseit) into the search box.

The tool returned 362 keywords in total ranging from 0 to 4,400 monthly searches (US).

Part of the screenshot is shown below for keywords with more than 2,400 searches a month.

Analyse /r/loesit weight loss subreddit in

Analyse /r/loesit weight loss subreddit in

Just follow the 5 steps as shown above to extract the keywords.

Points to note

  • Keywords are based on Grepwords which updates its database on a monthly basis from Google Keyword Planner
  • ​Weird keywords will appear and most of the time these keywords are totally unrelated to the niche you are researching
  • You could export the keywords to a CSV file for further analysis
  • Step E is where you could right click the Context link. This will open a new browser with the subreddit discussion threads where that particular keyword is appearing.

The gold mine step (Step E) is where you analyze the content where people are talking about the keyword.

You would uncover ideas and context where this keyword "homemade chicken salad" is being discussed in the posts such as below.

homemade chicken salad in Google

Context link opens for "homemade chicken salad"

Though there are some limitations when using this tool, Keyworddit is really a time saver. Just imagine how much time we could have saved in the above example if we were to manually scan the posts in the subreddit.

In this example, we get 362 keywords with a few clicks in under 5 minutes using this marvelous keyword tool.

Step #5 Validate Your Keywords

In this important step you should further analyze the keywords you get from Step 4.2

There are 2 options you could use, depending on your choice and budget.

The first option is the free method where you plug those keywords in Google Keyword Planner and start analyzing.

The other option is use a paid tool such as SEMRush, Ahrefs, Moz or any other tools of your choice.

When validating the keywords, we should make sure the following are analyzed;

Search Metrics for Analysis

  • Monthly search volume
  • Keyword competition (Google Adwords)
  • Keyword difficulty (to rank in the top 10 results in first page of Google)
  • Trending pattern

For the subreddit /r/loseit above, we have performed a keyword difficulty analysis on one of keywords using Moz parameters.

The top 10 analysis for "coconut flour bread" is as follows.

Top 10 analysis for "coconut flour bread"

Top 10 analysis for "coconut flour bread"

From the above table, we notice that PA (Page Authority) of most of the top 10 sites are below 30 and their DA (Domain Authority) are NOT that high too (many are below 50).

The number of backlinks (authority links & total links) to the sites are low.

As regards to whether the keyword is trending downwards over time, look at below screen-shot from Google Trends.

Google Trends for "coconut flour bread" for past 90 days

Google Trends for "coconut flour bread" for past 90 days

The search interest over time (past 90 days) is more or less the same month over month.

Therefore, it is safe to say that this keyword “coconut flour bread” should be a FAIRLY EASY keyword to rank and is not a keyword with declining search interest.

Step #6 Finding New Websites

This step of using Reddit for SEO keyword research is actually trying to find new websites that are already there but they just NEVER appear or come to your mind during your initial research.

There is always some niche sites in every field which are frequently used by real people (like redditors) but Google does not display when you do a normal search.

They might just appeal to certain audience indirectly.

Reddit could do a better job by indexing these relevant sites for your research.

Let me show you some examples.

I started by going over to and then typed in topic of interest “SEO”.

Reddit returned some related subreddits as shown below.

search seo Reddit

Search "seo" in Reddit

Then I clicked the subreddit /r/SEO to explore.

This brought me to this page

From this subreddit page, I clicked the “wiki” tab at the top.

This brought me to the wiki index page where there are links to various sites for different guides on seo.

At the right hand side of this page, there are more related subreddits:

Wiki for subreddit seo

Wiki for subreddit "seo"

Then I decided to explore /r/webmarketing

After that I clicked the wiki tab at the top and this opened to this page, see below.

Resource wiki for /r/webmarketing

/r/WebMarketing Resource Wiki

Voila! You could see that there is a gold mine of information on the topic of web marketing:

  • Top right hand side is: index
  • left and extended all the way to bottom page: various related topics and their links to websites
  • Middle side bar: Best of Resources Wiki

So you could see that by applying the above method, we are able to find new websites (thus new keywords as well) related to our topic of interest.


I’m glad you have survived reading up to this point.

Using Reddit to find untapped SEO keywords is not a problem after all if you follow the steps we presented above.

Reddit being a community-powered platform, offers us the opportunity to uncover long tail keywords and those real questions asked by real people.

Once you have gathered the content ideas and keywords from Reddit, creating content for your websites or blog posts becomes very easy.

And you know that these content and keywords are the ones that will bring you traffic to your websites.

All that’s left is for you to take action.

I’ve created a free step-by-step checklist below to get you into uncovering untapped keywords and content ideas from Reddit.

It contains all the actionable steps from this would definitely love it.​

Click the link below and enter your email address to download the free checklist.

Now It is Your Turn.

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