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Levente S

 Levente S.



​I wanted to take a moment, and let you know how happy I am with Albert Tan's SEO services. Albert has shown immense knowledge in regards to competitive keyword research. Based on his analysis, I was presented with a fairly large number of low competition/high volume searched terms that turned out to become a huge asset to me.

​Robin Carlisle

​Atlanta, USA


​The results I got from Albert Tan's Keyword Research were simply phenomenal! I was setting up a silo designed authority site with associated silo Youtube channels, playlists, and videos, so I needed both strong seed keywords along with associated longtail keywords in order to go both deep and wide with my silos.

 ​Christine F. Abela

​New Zealand


​Thanks for the great work Albert! I was at a loss to find great keywords for my business. Sometimes you can get too "close" to a business, and get too bogged-down in what you think your business does, rather than what people are really searching for. Your keyword analysis helped me realise what are the important keywords for my business.

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​"Your Top Keywords Are Our Commitment"

Albert Tan

Albert Tan

Our founder, Albert Tan, has over 30 years of corporate experience in various sectors, both offline and online.

Over the last 6 years he has been deeply involved in the world of internet marketing, speciliazing in keyword research and SEO.

He treat his clients with great care and always endeavor to find the best possible keywords for them.

And when he is not working hard on a project, you'll find him writing blog on topics such as keyword research, SEO, inbound marketing and content marketing.

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