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"The bad news is that 80% of SEOs and marketers do keyword research wrong."

by Neil Patel, Founder of QuickSprout

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Albert Tan

Albert Tan, Founder of SEO Keyword Research

Have you ever tried to research easy to rank keywords  for your website?

I mean keywords that are easy to rank high in search engines, with high enough search volume and low enough ranking difficulty.


Then I know you most probably wanted to smash your computer to the ground!

You might be thinking  you just need to use Google Adwords Keyword Planner or any other paid tools to find easy to rank keywords.

Tell me frankly when is your last time you are lucky enough to find some golden keywords that are rankable in the first pages of Google?

Contrary to what you might think, you are able to find easy to rank keywords by following a framework of proven keyword research strategies.

My name is Albert Tan and I'm the founder of SEO Keyword Research.

At SEO Keyword Research we specialize in finding "low competition-high search volume" seo keywords for website owners.

Our mission is to help you succeed online. That's why we publish outstanding content (mainly on Keyword Research, SEO, Content Marketing & Inbound Marketing) on our blog.

We also create online courses, ebooks, guides, cheatsheets, ... for free!

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