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What is a "Keyword Research Package"?

One of the biggest challenges most internet marketers have is picking the right niche, let alone finding those rankable keywords.

That's why our pre-built keyword research packages are so popular.

We cherry-pick those niches that have pretty easy ranking potential. These niches are great for monetization through Adsense, e-Commerce (such as Amazon) or any other relevant affiliate program (Clickbank, Peerfly, MarketHealth for example).

Typically our fully researched keyword research package provides you with:-

  • a profitable niche
  • "rankable" low competition high volume keywords
  • super easy to rank long tail keywords
  • top 10 results analysis for selected top keyword

These niche packs take away those time consuming efforts from you in choosing the right niche and researching the rankable keywords.​

Let us find you the right keywords while you concentrate on building your website.​

What's included inside a Keyword Research Package?

It is our objective to provide the most relevant information on a particular niche so that you are well equipped with the necessary keyword data. Inside each keyword research pack, the following are included:


There are 4 keyword lists complete with the relevant metrics

  1. List #1 Raw List of ALL RELEVANT Keywords
  2. ​List #2 Fairly Easy Ranking Keywords
  3. List #3 Easy Ranking Keywords
  4. List #4 Long Tail Easy Ranking Keywords

​Monthly Search Volume vs Keyword Competition (KC)

For each keyword, monthly searches (number of times the keyword is searched in a month) in Google and Top 10 Ranking Difficulty (i.e. keyword ranking competitiveness with regards to the top 10 results on page one of Google) are tabulated in a spreadsheet.


​Off-page Competition Metrics

​The following off-page extended metrics are furnished with each keyword:

MozRank, Page Authority & Domain Authority.


​Backlink Count

Know exactly how many backlinks you will need to have to outrank your competition:

Juice Links and Root Domain Links.


​Top 10 Results Analysis

We provide you the Top 10 Results Analysis data for selected top keyword to rank in page one of Google. You could easily choose which factors to concentrate on. You would know how to outrank your competition. 100% no guesswork needed.


Google Adwords Data

On top of that, we provide you with Google Adwords data on advertisers' competition, CPC (cost-per-click) and Google Adsense value. These are especially useful if you are monetizing your website with Adsense.

See what some of our customers say:

​"​Hands down this is the best keyword research service I have dealt with!"
Online Marketer
"The keyword analysis was concise and easy to understand."
Penny keller Business Owner and Consultant

Hi, I'm Albert Tan!

I founded SEO Keyword Research to provide marketers with rankable keywords for their websites. Along with my team of dedicated partners, we have served many website owners like you with our keyword research packages.

We specialize in digging out "low competition high search volume" seo keywords in all kinds of niches.

Many online marketers think that they could easily choose the right niche and at the same time research some good keywords to start off with.

The truth is most people will end up choosing a non-profitable niche and picking the wrong keywords for their websites.

Why? Well for one thing, a proper niche and keyword research require good skill, a lot of time and the use of multiple tools.

So for starters, it is very important you "choose the right niche" and identify the best keywords that are easy to rank in Google.

This is because there are more than 200 ranking factors that Google is known to use for ranking websites. Among other things, Google is fond of changing (or updating to be precise) its algorithm.

It is not uncommon to see your sites still not ranking while your competitors are already in page one of Google.

You are left clinching your fists and wanted to bang hard on the table!

But What If There Was A Solution?

  • What if I told you that there was a simpler way to choose a niche to start?
  • What if I told you that there were easy to rank keywords available to plug into your website?
  • What if I told you that there is a cost effective way to allow you to achieve the above?
  • So you can start building your website right away and rank it to the top with the best keywords!
  • And then... what if I told you that you can see money coming in from your niche site?

Take it from us...with the right niche and right keyword data, ranking your niche site on Page 1 of Google is certainly not a dream!

Follow These Simple Steps Will Always Get You The Best Ranking Results


Step 1

Pick & download a keyword research package of your choice below


Step 2

Use the rankable keywords provided to build your niche site


Step 3

Optimize website with great but original content & build white hat backlinks

Pick Your Niche Pack Below Now...

Here are our hand-picked profitable niches with all the keyword data you need to create a new niche site or supplement your existing site.

Face Scars Niche Pack

General Niche: beauty

No. of easy ranking keywords: 1,618

Total search volume/month of easy ranking keywords: 638,750

Fat Loss Niche Pack

General Niche: weight loss

No. of easy ranking keywords: 1,801

Total search volume/month of easy ranking keywords: 863,250

Dieting Niche Pack

General Niche: healthy living

No. of easy ranking keywords: 1,323

Total search volume/month of easy ranking keywords: 371,550

Microphone Niche Pack

General Niche: electronic equipment

No. of easy ranking keywords: 1,176

Total search volume/month of easy ranking keywords: 832,442

Wedding Niche Pack

General Niche: lifestyle

No. of easy ranking keywords: 1,253

Total search volume/month of easy ranking keywords: 715,830

Drone Niche Pack

General Niche: unmanned aircraft

No. of easy ranking keywords: 1,351

Total search volume/month of easy ranking keywords: 707,140

Oops, I can't find my niche of choice!

Don't despair. We are here to help. We can always do a custom keyword research package for you with a niche of your choice, exclusively for you.

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Your niche site will rank high in Google and attracts tons of traffic.

Our pre-built keyword research packages give you exactly what you need to crush the competition.

Here are 5 ways you could benefit from the keyword research packages:

Get New Keyword Opportunities

With our 4 lists of keywords, you are sure to find more profitable keywords.

Make More Money

Monetize with your own products or services or through affiliate marketing.

Conquer Your Niche

Rank on first pages of Google and dominate your niche with low competition high volume keywords

Earn Adsense Income

Use high CPC (cost-per-click) keywords to boost your Adsense income.

Rank More Keywords

We provide more long tail, related and LSI keywords for your whole site.

See what others are saying:

“Thanks for the great work Albert....”

“I was at a loss to find great keywords for my business. Sometimes you can get too "close" to a business, and get too bogged-down in what you think your business does, rather than what people are really searching for. Your keyword analysis helped me realise what are the important keywords for my business”

Christine F. Abela Web Designer

“The results I got from Albert Tan's Keyword Research were simply phenomenal!”

“I wanted to take a moment, and let you know how happy I am with Albert Tan's SEO services. Albert has shown immense knowledge in regards to competitive keyword research. Based on his analysis, I was presented with a fairly large number of low competition/high volume searched terms that turned out to become a huge asset to me. Employing Albert's professional services is the best approach in preserving an edge over competition.”

Robin S. Carlise Co-Admin, Zamurai Bloggers VIP Facebook Group

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