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How To Choose A Topic For Your Blog Post (That Ranks High In Google)

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LESSON 1 Preparation Prior To Keyword Research

In this lesson you will do a few important things before doing a proper keyword research. You will set up a keyword research template and download some cool tools to help you in the research.

LESSON 2 Generate Massive List Of Potential Keywords

A massive keyword list of potential keywords will be generated by using different keyword research tools. You will get thousands of potential keywords for your blog post topic. The best part is all the tools used in this lesson are FREE.

LESSON 3 Hunting For The Best Possible Keywords

You will learn how to hunt for the bet possible keywords from the massive list of keywords you get from Lesson 2. The goal is to shortlist all the possible but rankable keywords.

LESSON 4 Finding Easy To Rank (Long Tail) Keywords

In this lesson, you will learn how to find easy to rank or fairly easy to rank (long tail) keywords. First you must know what constitutes a top keyword.

LESSON 5 Analyzing Keyword Difficulty Of Shortlisted Keywords

You will have hands-on experience on how to determine the keyword difficulty of the shortlisted keywords. Two techniques will be taught and you decide which option is best for you.

LESSON 6 Finalize Your Keywords By Checking Top 10 Results And Trends

You will discover how to validate your keywords with Google Top 10 results and trends. This is one of the most important steps where you determine which keywords to choose as you blog post topic.

What You’ll Get In This Course

There will be a total of 6 lessons sent to your inbox over a period of two weeks. Each lesson is presented in manageable bite size and step by step instructions are laid out in running sequence. This mini course is designed to be short and concise BUT packed with cool content.

At the end of each lesson, there will be an actionable worksheet for you to take actions. It is kind of homework for you. After the course you will be sent a 14-step PDF summary checklist you can use every time you are looking for new topics for your blog.

The skills you learned from this course will give you a good foundation for your next keyword research exercise. You will be equipped with a good knowledge on how to perform a practical keyword research. Avoid pitfalls and use the proper tools to your advantage.

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